Welcome to TheirMine Networks donation store! Please allow up to 48 hours for all purchases to go through, including manual transactions. Manual transactions are labeled in their description.

Any questions, concerns or comments can be addressed by contacting us through either:

-Discord PM

-Contact Us form

-Waiting until we are on the Server


If you would like to redeem your store credit, please use one of these mediums. Store credit will be wiped from your account if you have less than $1 in credit.

Barters and Trades must be made by contacting us with your request. We often accept: Gift cards, Steam Games, and more. 

Customers must keep track of Barters and Trades. We do not keep a record of these payments. Barters and Trades do not count for Community Goals.


Please keep in mind that some items have a selection screen on checkout. The price may go up depending on what you select! Items that will always have a selection screen are:


Thank you for playing and donating, and making this a great community!